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Okay first off, I'm sorry I haven't been updating lately, its just that school is getting hard for me and I'm having family issues that are only getting worse. But it's okay, I'm fine don't worry.

For the readers who are reading my fanfiction known as 'Seas of Ice: Jack Frost x Mermaid! Reader, I have seemed to have lost all my- i guess you can call it ideas? I don't know- for the story so.... I am indeed sorry.... discontinuing the story. Please do not kill me, I will be writing more stories in the future but for now, I'm just trying to get through my "family issues". I am also currently writing I think 4 or 5 stories on wattpad so you can go check those stories out as well (user name is also xxAlaskanChixckxx by the way).

Again, I am truly sorry, and please forgive me.



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ERMAGERD HAI!!!!!!! My name is Gabrielle, BUT DONT CALL ME THAT!!! I go by AC or Gabri (Gab-ree). And if you guys are wondering, I do actually live in Alaska, and we dont have polar bears here, they only live towards the Artic Circle. Alot of people ask me if I live in a eglue and ride polar bears... THAT'S TOTALLY NOT TRUE!!! Even though having a pet polar bear would be bad ass.

Anywho!! I have a dragon and his name is Hazaziel, he guards my imagination :3... I know... I'm a dork, but... I DONT CAAAAARE!!!! XD HEY!!! At least I'm not boring!!! If I was, I wouldn't have a dA accout and I wouldn't be writing or drawing.


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Happy Birthday Birthday cake  icon 
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Hello fellow Gabrielle!

Yes, my name is Gabrielle too, what a coincidence i am not alone on earth XD
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hey can you please check this series out for a friend of mine and comment on it for her here is the link thanks
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Ok I will as soon as a get a chance!!!! I look forward to reading it :3 
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Hinata-Wolf77 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014   General Artist
Hi I hope u don't get mad I like one of your stories a lot I was wondering if u have a quotetv account? Here is the…. And I feel bad because u just had your birthday. I hope it's u if not then good luck.
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