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OC Reboot Sketch: Hazaziel the Dragon King by xxAlaskanChickxx OC Reboot Sketch: Hazaziel the Dragon King :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 0 0 Doom is Upon Us by xxAlaskanChickxx Doom is Upon Us :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 4 2
The Full Moon(Marshall Lee x Werewolf!Reader)FINAL
You were at the werewolf hide out, you were still in your wolf form laying in your old den just waiting to see if you will wake up, to see if this is a dream.
Your den was still pretty homey. Soft grasses covered to floor for bedding, candles where lit here and there for light, there where a few manga books scattered around, along with a tattered old blanket you used to use during the winter months.
You sighed, "how the Hell am I gonna get out of here?"
" You won't."
You turned towards the entrance of your den, then stood Alexander with a sick smile on his face.
"Get the hell out Alexander," you growled turning your head away from the freak.
You then felt warm breath against your furry neck, followed by a lick. Growling again followed by a snap of your teeth you told him to back off. He didn't budge.
"I have been waiting for this momentum for a long time (name), and nothing is going to stop me," Alexander said.
"What do you mea-" you were cut off by Alexander lunging at you.
:iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 77 73
New Look by xxAlaskanChickxx New Look :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 3 1 FACE PAINT!!! FTW!!!! by xxAlaskanChickxx FACE PAINT!!! FTW!!!! :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 3 1 School got a bit Crazy... by xxAlaskanChickxx School got a bit Crazy... :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 3 2
Seas of Ice: Jack Frost x Reader: Chapter 11
You blinked a little, suddenly remembering that you where sitting on Jack's lap in only your bikini top since the bottom tore when your tail came back. Also... JACK WAS DRUNK OFF HIS ASS!!!!!
"Jaaccckkk... I think we should get Jamie home... I don't think it's a good idea to let him drink at such a young age," you said looking up at Jack slightly.
Jack wasn't listening, instead he picked up a few strands of your hair and put it under his nose like a mustache.
You rolled your eyes, "Great... I guess I'll ask one of the pirates, Captain Jacob! Can you come here please!?"
"What's the problem lassie?" Captain One-Eyes Jacob floated up through the ship's floor boards and now stood in front of you.
"Can you see if you could take Jamie home? He's pretty drunk and he shouldn't be drinking at the age of 17."
"I know that lass, he pasted out below deck and some of me crew members brought him back to his house, apparently, his back yard is haunted by their past pet I think... Ghost of a Grey Houn
:iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 48 38
The Full Moon: Marshall Lee x Werewolf! Reader: 8
Just then there was knocking on Marshall's door. Marshall go off of you and hissed, he was ticked.
"Stay here (name), I'll be right back," Marshall said as he threw on a black t-shirt and ran down stairs.
You were so pissed at who ever was at the door that you actually turned into your wolf form. You growled and curled up into a giant fluff ball on Marshall's bed trying to calm down and waiting for Marshall to come back. Just then you hear stuff shattering down stairs and Marshall hissing.
You ran down stairs to find MArshall as a giant demon bat fighting a whole pack of Werewolves! You recognized them as well, they were your old pack.
There was seven wolves in all not including you. They pack leader turn towards you. He was a big white male with completely black eyes, you swore that he was smiling.
He snapped at the other wolves, they pinned Marshall to the ground and a grey wolf had Marshall's neck in it's jaws.
"Ah, (name), it is so nice to see you again, after all these years," sai
:iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 89 45
All dah awesome and crazy nations were staying at a huge muda f*cking awesome house for dah weekend!!! You went along to because your like a freaking ninja and freaking clung to dah plane and screamed 'THIS IS SPARTA!!!' all the dah way there!
Anyways!!! You where bord and had drunk too many freaking red bulls, amps, rock stars, AND ENOUGH COFFEE TO FILL UP DAH EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!!!
You got an awesome idea and quickly ran to your closet and opened it. There you found a hobo and threw him out your window :3
You grabbed your iPod and skipped down dah hall way to the ball room and plugged your iPod into dah huge freaking sound system they had in there 8D
you started playing What Does the Fox Say at full blast and grew a fox tail and ears!!!!
Dah nations heard dah music and ran out of derr rooms and threw themselves off that dah second floor and landed on tables and crushed dem.
they all sterted to sing along with dah music and with yooouuuuu.
:iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 39 39
Finally by xxAlaskanChickxx Finally :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 2 5 Hazaziel the Dragon King in a Nut Shell by xxAlaskanChickxx Hazaziel the Dragon King in a Nut Shell :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 1 10 IT'S ITALY!!!! 8D by xxAlaskanChickxx IT'S ITALY!!!! 8D :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 13 15
Russia's Daughter (America x Reader)(One shot)
~America's P.O.V~
I remember the day like it was yesterday. All the nations were at the world conference in Russia. I have no idea why it was at Russia's place or what it was about though. France and England were trying to kill each other, China was handing out tasty treats, Italy was running around waving his white flag screaming pasta on the top of his lungs, Japan was tired of the noise and decided to go sit in the corner, and Germany was about to lose it, he was just sitting in his chair trying to keep his anger under control. What was I doing? Well, I was just eating a burger and sucking down a milkshake. The hero is just too awesome to deal with this crap. Eventually, everyone calmed down when Russia walked in, his face wearing that creepy happy smile.
“Hello everybody, I’m happy that you all could make it here today,” Russia walked other to Lithuania and began poking his cheek. “Today I brought someone that is very dear to me to the meeti
:iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 58 22
Halloween Rave! With xxAlaskanChickxx!!! (part 2)
You, AC, the BTT, and everyone else was outside waiting for Haze to show up. The BTT found a leaf blower and started blowing leaves at other people, Marinda, Gabriella, and Annabeth were all in their wolf forms and where chasing off the so called "sparkly vampires". Tell you the truth... Those ain't vamps! Those are just some pussy Edward Collin wanna be's because they think that if they sparkle they can get into girls' pants.... HA!!!!! DREAM ON MOTHER F*CKERS!!!! DREAM ON!!!!
*cough*Anyways! You decided to just sit with AC who was texting Haze.
"So... Who is this Hazazeil guy hm?" you said lifting an eye-brow.
AC stopped texting but didn't look up, "Uhhhhh....."
"Oh come on! Spit it out! Tell meeehhh!!!!!"
"He's the Dragon King and he's....."
"What? Hot?"
"No he's not hot..... HE'S SEXY!!!!"
You laughed, "Oh really now? You have a picture?"
AC started going threw her phone's files and pulled up a picture and handed it to you. The picture was of a boy with tan skin, golden Dragon eyes
:iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 2 16
Knock Out's Story is Revealed by xxAlaskanChickxx Knock Out's Story is Revealed :iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 1 11
Halloween Rave! With xxAlaskanChickxx!!! (part 1)
"NO!!! No way in hell am I gonna wear that!" AC hissed at Gabriella from the chandelier in her room.
"Come on now AC! Hazaziel will love it!" Gab held up some weird red stripper costume and threw it at AC.
AC hissed again, her snow leopard ears back and her tail flicking, "F*CK NO!! I'M GOING TO WEAR MY OWN COSTUME THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!"
You were laughing at the site that was playing on in front of you, "AC, you'll look fabulous if you wear that!"
"NO I F*CKING WON'T!!! You're lucky that you going as (your halloween costume)! I can't find mine!"
"Hang on! I can help with that!" Marinda, the Werewolf jumped off the bean bag she was sitting in and started sniffing the air. She then dove into the closet and pulled out a Angel Girl costume.
"I found it!" Marinda said throwing the costume at AC and plopping back down on the bean bag chair.
AC jumped down from the chandelier and ran into the bathroom to change," IN YO F*CKING FACE GAB!!! IMMA NOT GONNA BE A STRIPPER!!!!"
"She cusses a lot d
:iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 2 15


Attack On Titan by hifarry Attack On Titan :iconhifarry:hifarry 9,034 373
Bloody Tulips (Alucard x Reader) Chapter 2
"Aaahh!!" you screamed as you shot up on the bed. You panted and placed a hand on your neck, noting that nothing was wrong with it. You let out a long sigh for that little piece of information. "Thank god. It was all just a dream."
"Or was it?" you screamed yet again and brought a pillow up to shield you from the man in red.
"Who are you?! What are you doing here?! Get out!!!" The man laughed at you and your pathetic shield and moved into a position that was more comfortable.
"Should you really be talking that way to your King, my dear?" You twitched and held the pillow even closer to yourself.
"Don't call me that! I want you to get out!"
"You see, I would do that, but two things are keeping me from doing so."
"Oh yeah? Then what are they?"
"Well, you are one reason why. I can't possibly leave you alone, my flower. Honestly, what kind of King would I be if I just let my Queen wander around in the dangerous environment that surrounds her? A pretty awful one if you ask me." You raised th
:iconsunlessvamp95:SunlessVamp95 390 61
Bloody Tulips (Alucard x Reader) Chapter 1
"Okay, so you want me to believe that zombies-"
"Ghouls exist along side these things or...v-vampires?"
"...Haha, yeah right!" Why didn't you listen to your friend. You should have believed her. If you did, you wouldn't be staring Death right in the eye at this very moment.
"Welcome to Hell, my pretty little flower." Oh, welcome to Hell, indeed.
(An hour earlier)
You hummed a gentle and merry tune as you grabbed your belongings near your friends coat rack, a smile forming onto your face as you thought of the warm bath waiting for you at home. A hand gently placed itself onto your shoulder and you jumped in surprise. You turned around and instantly found your best friend Stacie giving you a look; a look that clearly said you were insane.
"You aren't seriously thinking of going out there, are you?" You merely blinked at her question.
"Yeah, I have to go home eventually, Stacie."
"I know, but it's almost midnight! You could get hurt or worse!" You rolled your eyes and rem
:iconsunlessvamp95:SunlessVamp95 721 214
Team Fortress 2 Pyro Hottie's Hoodie Tutorial by Eternal-Afterglow Team Fortress 2 Pyro Hottie's Hoodie Tutorial :iconeternal-afterglow:Eternal-Afterglow 125 39 Supernatural by kicsianna Supernatural :iconkicsianna:kicsianna 5,187 301 Supernatural by muraito Supernatural :iconmuraito:muraito 5,589 319 Supernatural by Supernatural-Fox Supernatural :iconsupernatural-fox:Supernatural-Fox 532 35 Sherlock by AmandaTolleson Sherlock :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 5,574 456 Sherlock by StressedJenny Sherlock :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 2,512 219 sherlock by abuseim sherlock :iconabuseim:abuseim 5,405 215 Sherlock by Harumagai Sherlock :iconharumagai:Harumagai 4,014 190 Sherlock the Dragon by SherlockROCKSmySOCKS Sherlock the Dragon :iconsherlockrocksmysocks:SherlockROCKSmySOCKS 1,078 92 SHERLOCK by hoo0 SHERLOCK :iconhoo0:hoo0 5,003 387 Dive by NukeRooster Dive :iconnukerooster:NukeRooster 3,064 76 The shield is the mightiest by shilin The shield is the mightiest :iconshilin:shilin 9,145 171 Attack On Titan by chalii Attack On Titan :iconchalii:chalii 3,214 524


Okay first off, I'm sorry I haven't been updating lately, its just that school is getting hard for me and I'm having family issues that are only getting worse. But it's okay, I'm fine don't worry.

For the readers who are reading my fanfiction known as 'Seas of Ice: Jack Frost x Mermaid! Reader, I have seemed to have lost all my- i guess you can call it ideas? I don't know- for the story so.... I am indeed sorry.... discontinuing the story. Please do not kill me, I will be writing more stories in the future but for now, I'm just trying to get through my "family issues". I am also currently writing I think 4 or 5 stories on wattpad so you can go check those stories out as well (user name is also xxAlaskanChixckxx by the way).

Again, I am truly sorry, and please forgive me.



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ERMAGERD HAI!!!!!!! My name is Gabrielle, BUT DONT CALL ME THAT!!! I go by AC or Gabri (Gab-ree). And if you guys are wondering, I do actually live in Alaska, and we dont have polar bears here, they only live towards the Artic Circle. Alot of people ask me if I live in a eglue and ride polar bears... THAT'S TOTALLY NOT TRUE!!! Even though having a pet polar bear would be bad ass.

Anywho!! I have a dragon and his name is Hazaziel, he guards my imagination :3... I know... I'm a dork, but... I DONT CAAAAARE!!!! XD HEY!!! At least I'm not boring!!! If I was, I wouldn't have a dA accout and I wouldn't be writing or drawing.


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